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Associate Professor
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XTBG, Menglun, Mengla, 666303, Yunnan, China



  June 2012: PhD in Evolutionary Genetics. Institute of Botany, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.  

  June 2008: MSc in Conservation Genetics. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 

  June 2005: B.S. in Botany. College of Life Sciences, Shanxi Normal University, China. 


  7/ 2012- 01/ 2015: Research Assistant, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Ecological Evolution Group; 

  01/2015- : Associate Professor, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Ecological Evolution Group 



  1 Genetics of hybrid speciation and divergence  

  Pinus densata is a successful homoploid hybrid species (HHS) that occupies vast areas of heterogeneous terrain on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau which both of its parental species are excluded. To shed light on how this species colonized and became established on the plateau, we surveyed paternally inherited chloroplast (cp) and maternally inherited mitochondrial (mt) DNA variation in and among 52 populations of P.densata and its putative parental species. A putative ancestral hybrid zone was detected, and the route of colonization onto the plateau was defined.  

  Understanding the process of divergence in homoploid hybrid species requires quantitative characterization of pivotal evolutionary parameters. My major work focused on reconstructing the demographic history of P. densata. I used 8 nuclear loci and applied isolation-with-migration model and standard coalescent approach to understand the demographic history of P. densata during its origin and its colonization of vast territories. Analytical methods such as DnaSP, Structure, IMa2, ms, ABC, HKA, Arlequin, and bottleneck were used. I determined the timeframe of the divergence of P. densata lineages, and quantified the gene flow and population size variation during speciation and colonization. My study, for the first time, detailed the complex speciation history of an ancient homoploid species of multiple origins, which facilitates understanding the mechanism of HHS, and also contributes to our understanding of the origin and maintenance of biological diversity on the Tibetan Plateau. 

  2 Genome-wide SNP discovery and genotyping  

  Conifers have large and complex genomes. To develop an efficient way to explore the genome structure and divergence in conifers, we applied the next-generation sequencing to develop genome-wide SNP markers for the construction of genetic linkage maps in the P. densata complex.  

  3 Molecular Evolution of gene family  

  For the purposes of studying the molecular evolution of LEA (late embryogenesis abundant) gene family in Populus trichocarpa (Angiosperm) and Pinus tabuliformis (Gymnosperm), we combined thorough molecular evolutionary analysis, such as the gene copy number and structure variation, gene expression pattern, gene conversion events, to reconstruct the history of gene duplication and to assess the pattern selection.  



  Understanding how populations adapt to their local environment. We propose a comprehensive study to investigate the genomic adaptations driven by environmental factors in the tropical and subtropical tree complex using RAD and GBS technology.   


  Ecology, Evolution biology  


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