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Faculty and Staff
LIU Changning
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XTBG, Menglun, Mengla, 666303, Yunnan, China


  Changning Liu, Ph.D.  

  Investigator, Head of Bioinformatics Research Group,  

  Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences  

  Email: liuchangning@xtbg.ac.cn    Mobile: 86-151-9873-0541    


  Ph.D. 2002 – 2007      Bioinformatics, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS.   

  Advisors: Guojie Li and Runsheng Chen  

  B.S. 1996 – 2000        Molecular and Cell Biology, Wuhan University.   

  Advisor: Shijian Huang  

  Software Engineer Certificate (1998) Approved & issued by   

  Ministry of Information Industry, P.R.China.  



  2014 – present    Investigator, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS  

  2010 – 2014        Associate Investigator, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS  

  2011.1 - 2013.1   Visiting Scholar, UT Dallas, Systems Biology Center  

  2007 – 2010        Assistant Investigator, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS  

  2002 – 2007        Research Assistant, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS  

  2006.7 - 2007.1   Visiting Student, Dept of Biostats and Comp Bio,   

  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health  



  2011      Member of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association, CAS  

  2009      Member of the Best Research Laboratory of ICT, CAS  

  2008      Lu Jiaxi Young Scientist Award of CAS (K.C. Wong Education Foundation, HK)  

  2008      Member of the Best Research Team of ICT, CAS  

  2007      Enlisted Young Scientist for the ICT Hundred Talent Program  

  2007      Excellent Award of the CAS President's Scholarship  

  2007      Three Good Student of Chinese Academy of Sciences  

  2006      Special Award of the ICT Director's Scholarship  

  2006      Three Good Student Model of Chinese Academy of Sciences  

  2006      Three Good Student of Chinese Academy of Sciences  

  2003      Outstanding Graduate Scholarship of Graduate School of CAS  

  1999      Mathematics & Biology New Star Scholarship of Wuhan University  

  1997      Renmin Scholarship of Wuhan University  

  1996      Renmin Scholarship of Wuhan University  


  PLoS One  

  BMC Genomics  

  Cell Proliferation  

  Journal of Theoretical Biology  

  BioMed Research International  

  International Journal of Biomedical Science  

  iConcept Transactions on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics  





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