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Noel Michele Holbrook
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Harvard University


 Plant Physiology, Forestry



Brodribb, T.J., N.M. Holbrook, and M.V. Gutierrez. 2002. Hydraulic and photosynthetic coordination in seasonally dry tropical forest trees. Plant Cell and Environment 25: 1435-1444.

Catovsky, S., N.M. Holbrook, F.A. Bazzaz. 2002. Coupling whole-tree transpiration and canopy photosynthesis in coniferous and broad-leaved tree species. Canadian Journal of Forest Science 32: 295-309.

Cavender-Bares, J. and N.M. Holbrook. 2001. Hydraulic properties and freezing-induced cavitation in sympatric evergreen and deciduous oaks with contrasting habitats. Plant, Cell and Environment 24: 1243-1256.

Zwieniecki, M.A., P.J. Melcher and N.M. Holbrook. 2001. Hydrogel control of xylem hydraulic resistance. Science 291: 1059-1062.

Zwieniecki, M.A., P.J. Melcher, and N.M. Holbrook. 2001. Hydraulic properties of individual xylem vessels of Fraxinus americana. Journal of Experimental Botany 52: 1-8.

Holbrook, N.M., E.T. Ahrens, M.J. Burns, and M.A. Zwieniecki. 2001. In vivo observation of cavitation and embolism repair using magnetic resonance imaging. Plant Physiology 126: 27-31.

Zwieniecki, M.A., L. Hutyra, M.V. Thompson and N.M. Holbrook. 2000. Dynamic changes in petiole specific conductivity in red maple (Acer rubrum L.), tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera L.) and northern fox grape (Vitis labrusca L.). Plant, Cell and Environment 23: 407-414.

Meinzer, F.C., J.L. Andrade, G. Goldstein, N.M. Holbrook, J. Cavelier, and S.J. Wright. 1999. Partitioning of soil water among canopy trees in a seasonally dry tropical forest. Oecologia 121: 293-301.

Feild, T.S., M.A. Zwieniecki, M.J. Donoghue, and N.M. Holbrook. 1998. Stomatal plugs of Drimys winteri (Winteraceae) protect leaves from mist but not drought. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95: 14256-14259.

Holbrook, N.M., M.J. Burns and C.B. Field. 1995. Negative xylem pressures in plants: a test of the balancing pressure technique. Science 270: 1193-1194

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