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Stand age‐related effects on soil respiration in rubber plantations (Hevea brasiliensis) in southwest China 

作者: Gao JB
刊物名称: European Journal of Soil Science
论文题目英文: Stand age‐related effects on soil respiration in rubber plantations (Hevea brasiliensis) in southwest China
年: Jun 2019
卷: online
联系作者: Zhang YP; Liang NS
影响因子: 2.818
The land use change from tropical forests to rubber plantations has had a great influence on ecosystemlevel carbon (C) exchange and soil C dynamics. This study aimed to assess the variation of soil respiration and its components in rubber plantations of different stand age. A trenching method was used to partition soil respiration (RS) into autotrophic respiration (RA) and heterotrophic respiration (RH) for 3 years in 12, 24, 32, and 49 yearsold rubber plantations. Our results showed that RS changed significantly among rubber plantations, with the highest RS in the oldgrowth rubber plantation (49y plantation, 147.30 ± 6.91 mg CO2C m2 hr1) followed by the mature (137.16 ± 7.68 and 108.10 ± 4.83 in 24y and 32y plantation, respectively) and the young (12y plantation, 78.43 ± 3.84 mg CO2C m2 hr1) rubber plantations. RS was significantly and exponentially related to soil temperature (P < 0.0001) rather than soil water content which led to higher RS in the rainy season than that in the dry season. The contribution of RA to RS was higher in the mature rubber plantation than that in the young (27%) and the oldgrowth (20%) rubber plantations. The sensitivity of RS to increasing temperature (Q10) was higher in 32y and 49y than in 12y and 24y rubber plantations. The largest Q10 value of RH and RA was found in the oldgrowth (49y plantation, 2.95) and the mature (32y plantation, 8.01) rubber plantations, respectively. Our results highlight the importance of environmental factors in determining the variation in RS in rubber plantations with different stand age. However, further studies are still required to elucidate the impacting mechanisms of stand agerelated effects on soil respiration such as the differences in photosynthesis in rubber plantations.
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