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Lectotypification and nomenclature notes of the name Caragana opulens (Fabaceae, Papilionoideae) and its synonyms

First Author: Rather, SA
Abstract: Morphological characters currently used to differentiate Caragana opulens as a species have been found to be insufficient and inconsistent. Through extensive research and comparisons of specimens, it has been re-vealed that C. opulens and its synonyms have overlapping geographical distributions, and that typification is necessary for C. opulens. Therefore, a lectotype is designated for the name C. opulens, with comments on its typification. Additionally, the current typification status is discussed for all its synonyms, accompanied by substantive notes.
Contact the author: Rather, SA
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Issue: 226
Subject: Plant Sciences
Impact Factor: 1.4
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PubYear: 2023
Publication Name: PHYTOKEYS
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