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Characterization of the complete chloroplast genome of Dalbergia congesta (Fabaceae), an endangered legume endemic to the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, India

First Author: Rather, SA
Abstract: Reference-guided de novo assembly of the Dalbergia congesta chloroplast genome was carried out using whole-genome sequencing data. The newly generated chloroplast genome size had a total length of 156,048 bp and a GC content of 36.1%. The plastome showed the classical quadripartite structure with two inverted repeats regions (IRs; each 25,715 bp) separating the large single-copy region (LSC; 85,456 bp) from the small single-copy region (SSC; 19,162 bp). The plastid genome contained 111 unique genes, including 77 protein-coding genes (CDS), 30 tRNAs, and 4 rRNAs. The phylogenomic analyses based on whole chloroplast genome sequences recovered Dalbergia as a distinct clade of the Papilionoideae, with Dalbergia congesta having a sister relationship to a clade comprising D. fusca and D. cultrata. The newly available plastome sequence will facilitate future genetic and conservational research aiming to protect this economically important but highly threatened legume species.
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Issue: 2
Subject: Genetics & Heredity
Impact Factor: 2.9
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PubYear: 2023
Volume: 23
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