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Impacts of urbanization at city cluster scale on ecosystem services along an urban–rural gradient: a case study of Central Yunnan City Cluster, China

First Author: Wang RB
Urban agglomeration will be the main mode of future urbanization in China, greatly infuencing social and economic develop ment and ecosystem protection at the whole city cluster scale. It is important to analyze the impacts of large-scale, scattered land use and cover change (LUCC) consisting of one-pole-multi-point urbanization in city clusters on regional ecosystem services (ESs), so as to increase ecological security and maintain ES levels. Using the urban–rural gradient analysis method  (UGAM), this study examined driver-response mechanisms of large-scale, scattered agglomeration urbanization on ESs along an urban–rural gradient and at a regional scale. This was done by simulating and analyzing tempo-spatial variations in ES characteristics along concentric ring gradients in the Central Yunnan City Cluster (CYCC) under its present urbanization path. The results showed that rapid urban sprawl is the main driver afecting the integral value of ESs in CYCC and that ES trade-ofs (through LUCC caused by urbanization) between adjacent zones along the urban–rural gradient will particularly exacerbate the degradation of integral ES levels. Hence, CYCC should follow a sustainable, eco-friendly urbanization path and consider ecological principles and the impact of LUCC on regional ESs along the urban–rural gradient in top-level design and decision-making on urban planning and strategic land use management. Diferentiated regional development policies should be formulated for each area, the urban–rural development pattern and layout optimized, the scale of construc tion land rationally controlled, and the overall efciency of land use improved. Ecological bufers should be set up around areas with sharp and obvious changes in land use, to alleviate the negative impact of large-scale, decentralized city cluster urbanization on regional ESs.
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PubYear: Jul 2022
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Publication Name: Environmental Science and Pollution Research
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