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Improved ecological monitoring for urban ecosystem protection in China

First Author: Wang M

Ecological monitoring (EM) is a significant scientific topic recognized for its potential for providing basic, but vital, data for ecosystem assessment to address sustainability issues. However, a monitoring framework that can lead to EM information and data being used accurately in ecosystem management and policy design is currently lacking. China’s Ecological Redline Policy (ERP), one of the first national policies utilizing multiple ecosystem service assessment, requires strict monitoring to reveal policy effects on ecosystem services regulation. In this study, we developed a transdisciplinary framework to build up the ecological redline monitoring network in Shanghai metropolitan area, using: biodiversity, landscape structure, ecosystem function, and stakeholder opinions. We suggest that standard monitoring be based on remote sensing monitoring, supplemented by ground truth monitoring, to form a standard ‘Space-Sky-Ground’ integrated monitoring network. We also present key lessons learnt from EM practices in Shanghai. This work provides new insights on integrating EM into ERP implementation and ecosystem management on city scale, by illustrating the science-policy process and ER monitoring standards from initial design to application in policy.

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PubYear: Sep 2020
Volume: 120
Publication Name: Ecological Indicators
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