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Cloning and Functional Analysis of Dwarf Gene Mini Plant 1 ( MNP1) in Medicago truncatula

First Author: Guo SQ; Zhang XJ

Plant height is a vital agronomic trait that greatly determines crop yields because of the close relationship between plant height and lodging resistance. Legumes play a unique role in the worldwide agriculture; however, little attention has been given to the molecular basis of their height. Here, we characterized the first dwarf mutant mini plant 1 (mnp1) of the model legume plant Medicago truncatula. Our study found that both cell length and the cell number of internodes were reduced in a mnp1 mutant. Using the forward genetic screening and subsequent whole-genome resequencing approach, we cloned the MNP1 gene and found that it encodes a putative copalyl diphosphate synthase (CPS) implicated in the first step of gibberellin (GA) biosynthesis. MNP1 was highly homologous to Pisum sativum LS. The subcellular localization showed that MNP1 was located in the chloroplast. Further analysis indicated that GA3 could significantly restore the plant height of mnp1-1, and expression of MNP1 in a cps1 mutant of Arabidopsis partially rescued its mini-plant phenotype, indicating the conservation function of MNP1 in GA biosynthesis. Our results provide valuable information for understanding the genetic regulation of plant height in M. truncatula.

Contact the author: He LL; Chen JH
Page Number: 4968
Issue: 14
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PubYear: Jul 2020
Volume: 21
Publication Name: International Journal of Molecular Sciences
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