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Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae): I. One new species from northwest Yunnan, China

First Author: Li X
Pedicularis multicaulis W.B.Yu, H.Wang & D.Z.Li (series Oliganthae Prain) is a new species described and illustrated herein. This new species is endemic to northwest Yunnan and only two populations were found in Weixi county. Phylogenetic analyses support P. multicaulis as a new species, sister to P. taihaiensis Bonati and P. macilenta Franch. Morphological comparisons between P. multicaulis and P. macilenta and P. taihaiensis also support P. multicaulis as a new species to science.
Contact the author: Yu WB; Li DZ
Page Number: 205-215
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PubYear: Aug 2019
Volume: 130
Publication Name: PhytoKeys
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