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Trehalose phosphate synthase 5‐dependent trehalose metabolism modulates basal defense responses in Arabidopsis thaliana

First Author: Wang XL
Despite the recent discovery that trehalose synthesis is important for plant development and abiotic stress tolerance, the effects of trehalose on biotic stress responses remain relatively unknown. In this study, we demonstrate that TREHALOSE PHOSPHATE SYNTHASE 5 (TPS5)dependent trehalose metabolism regulates Arabidopsis thaliana defenses against pathogens (necrotrophic Botrytis cinerea and biotrophic Pseudomonas syringae). Pathogen infection increased trehalose levels and upregulated TPS5 expression. Application of exogenous trehalose significantly improved plant defenses against B. cinerea, but increased the susceptibility of plants to P. syringae. We demonstrate that elevated trehalose biosynthesis, in transgenic plants overexpressing TPS5, also increased the susceptibility to P. syringae, but decreased the disease symptoms caused by B. cinerea. The knockout of TPS5 prevented the accumulation of trehalose and enhanced defense responses against P. syringae. Additionally, we observed that a TPS5interacting protein (multiprotein bridging factor 1c) was required for induced expression of TPS5 during pathogen infections. Furthermore, we show that trehalose promotes P. syringae growth and disease development, via a mechanism involving suppression of the plant defense gene, PathogenesisRelated Protein 1. These findings provide insight into the function of TPS5dependent trehalose metabolism in plant basal defense responses.
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Page Number: 509-527
Issue: 4
Impact Factor: 3.824
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PubYear: Apr 2019
Volume: 61
Publication Name: Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
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