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Conflict between biodiversity conservation and economic growth: insight into rare plants in tropical China

First Author: Meng HH
Abstract: Biodiversity managements are always hot topics in China that harbors so much hyper-biodiversity. However, biodiversity loss is continuing as economic growth is accelerating during recent decades. Questions that need to be addressed with regard to the conflict between biodiversity conservation and economic growth are: how much conservation effort is required and what measures are necessary to reconcile conflicts. Here we evaluate the phenomenon and conservation status of representative of the rare plants with important economic values in tropical China. They are facing the danger of extinction, even are disappearing as they are discovered. This topic enables us to propose conservation measures to resolve the dilemma that continued biodiversity loss is linked closely with economic growth. A combination of ex situ conservation, in situ conservation and in-depth surveys, is necessary to protect biodiversity in the tropical China. Insights gained from current conflict will permit a greater understanding of the rare plants with significant evolutionary and ecological roles but which are threatened by economic development, thus enabling the relevant departments to develop and implement appropriate conservation policies.
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PubYear: Nov 2018
Volume: online
Publication Name: Biodiversity and Conservation
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