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Effects of land?use changes on runoff and sediment yield: Implications for soil conservation and forest management in Xishuangbanna

First Author: Zhu XA

Effects of vegetation traitsand soil physical propertieson runoff and sediment yield were investigated under different landusesin Xishuangbanna, SouthwestChina.The cutting ring methodwas applied, and field plot experimentswere conducted to determinesoil physical propertiesandmonitorrunoff and sediment yield inresponse to land-use changebycomparingtropical rainforest (TR), rubber monoculture (Rm) and four rubber-basedagroforestry systems.Results showed that conversion of tropical forestto rubberresulted in lower leaf area index, canopy cover, less litter, and an unfavorable soil environment (i.e., high bulk density, lowporosity, etc.). The runoff fromtheRm was 33.2 and 2.6 times higher than the TR and the rubber-based agroforestry systems, respectively. In general, sediment yield from the TR, Rm and agroforestrysystemswas 0.041, 11.54 and 2.73 t ha?1, respectively. Thesetrendssuggested that the forest conversioncaused negative hydrological consequences (i.e., excessive runoff and sediment yield). Compared to the Rm, rubber-based agroforestry systems could more effectively reduce runoff volume and sediment yield.Overall, the sediment yield weresignificantly negatively correlated withLAI, canopy cover, stand litter, and saturated water capacity,while positively correlated withbulk densityand runoff.The effects of precipitationon the sediment yieldof agroforestry systemsin this region becameless importantdue to theirpartly improved soil conditionsand vegetation traits. Solely from the point of erosion control, we recommend thatlocal governments and farmers should consider intercropping F. macrophyllaand T. cacaotree species within rubber monoculture plantations.

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PubYear: 2018 JUN
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