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SUN Yongshuai
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Associate professor
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88 Xuefu Road, Kunming, 650223, Yunnan, China


  Personal information   

  Family name: Sun     

  Given name: Yongshuai     

  Birth ate: 13/1/1985   

  Nationality: People’s Republic of China  

  E-mail: sunyongshuai@xtbg.ac.cn 


  B.S., July 2008Lanzhou University (College of Mathematics and Statistics)   

  Ph.D., December 2012, Lanzhou University (College of Life Sciences, Ecology)   


  2013.1 - 2015.6Postdoc.Sichuan University (College of Life Sciences) 

  2015.7 -      , Associate Professor, XTBG 


  Fields of Interest and Specialization  

  My research interest is about plant speciation and evolution, especially the forest health and ecological genomics. I am good at 

the computational analysis of population genetic/genomic data and also the phylogenetic inference using coalescent probability theory 

and many other statistical technologies 





  PUBLICATIONS (***: correspondence ) 


  1.       Ru, D., Mao, K., Zhang, L., Wang, X., Lu, Z., Sun, Yongshuai***. Genomic evidence for polyphyletic origins and inter-lineage gene flow within complex taxa: a case study of Picea brachytyla in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Molecular Ecology. 2016, 25: 2373–2386.  

  2.       Bi, H., Yue, W., Wang, X., Zou, J., Li, L., Liu, J., Sun, Yongshuai***. Late Pleistocene climate change promoted divergence between Picea asperata and P. crassifolia on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau through recent bottlenecks. Ecology and Evolution. 2016, 6: 4435–4444.  

  3.       Paudel, B. R., Shrestha, M., Burd, M., Adhikari, S., Sun, Yongshuai, Li, Q. J. Coevolutionary elaboration of pollination-related traits in an alpine ginger (Roscoea purpurea) and a tabanid fly in the Nepalese Himalayas. New Phytologist. 2016, 211: 1402-1411.  



  1.       Sun Yongshuai, Li, L.L., Li, L., Zou, J.B., Liu, J.Q. Distributional dynamics and interspecific gene flow in Picea likiangensis and P. wilsonii triggered by climate change on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Journal of Biogeography. 2015, 42: 475–484.  

  2.       Wang, X., Li, Y., Liang, Q., Zhang, L., Wang, Q., Hu, H., Sun, Yongshuai***. Contrasting responses to Pleistocene climate changes: A case study of two sister species Allium cyathophorum and A. spicata (Amaryllidaceae) distributed in the eastern and western Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Ecology and Evolution. 2015, 5: 1513–1524.  

  3.       Li, L.L., Sun, Yongshuai, Zou, J.B., Yue, W., Wang, X., Liu, J.Q. Origin and speciation of Picea schrenkiana and P. smithiana in the Center Asian Highlands and Himalayas. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. 2015, 33: 661–672.  

  4.       Wang, X.J., Shi, D.C., Wang, X.Y., Wang, J., Sun, Yongshuai Liu, J.Q. Evolutionary Migration of the Disjunct Salt Cress Eutrema salsugineum (=Thellungiella salsuginea, Brassicaceae) between Asia and North America. PLoS ONE. 2015, 10: e0124010.  

  5.       Hu, H., Al-Shehbaz, I.A., Sun, Yongshuai, Hao, G., Wang, Q. Liu, J. Species delimitation in Orychophragmus (Brassicaceae) based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA barcodes. Taxon. 2015, 64: 714–726.  



  1.       Sun, Yongshuai, Abbott, R.J., Li, L., Li, L., Zou, J., Liu, J. Evolutionary history of Purple cone spruce (Picea purpurea) in the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau: homoploid hybrid origin and Pleistocene expansion. Molecular Ecology. 2014. 23: 343–359.  

  2.       Wan, D*., Sun, Yongshuai*, Zhang, X., Bai, X., Wang, J., Wang, A., Milne, R. Multiple ITS Copies Reveal Extensive Hybridization within Rheum(Polygonaceae), a Genus That Has Undergone Rapid Radiation. PLoS ONE. 2014, 9: e89769. (*Co-first) 

  3.       Tian,, Ji, M.F., Zhang, Y., Fu, Y., Yu, D.K., Sun, Yongshuai***. The Advance on Homoploid Hybrid Speciation. Journal of Yunnan Agricultural University. 2014, 29: 586-590. 



  1.       Zou, J., Sun, Yonghuai, Li, L., Wang, G., Yue, W., Lu, Z., Wang, Q., Liu, J. Population genetic evidence for speciation pattern and gene flow between Picea wilsonii, P. morrisonicola and neoveitchii. Annals of botany. 2013, 112: 1829–1844.  

  2.       Li, L., Abbott, R. J., Liu, B., Sun, Yongshuai, Li, L., Zou, J., Wang, X., Miehe, G., Liu, J. Pliocene intraspecific divergence and Plio-Pleistocene range expansions within Picea likiangensis (Lijiang spruce), a dominant forest tree of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Molecular Ecology. 2013, 22: 5237–5255. 


  Before 2013 

  1.       Sun, Yongshuai, Wang, A.L., Wan, D.S., Wang, Q., Liu, J.Q. Rapid radiation of Rheum (Polygonaceae) and parallel evolution of morphological traits. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 2012, 63: 150–158.  

  2.       Sun, Yongshuai, Ikeda, H., Wang, Y.J., Liu, J.Q. Phylogeography of Potentilla fruticosa (Rosaceae) in the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau revisited: A reappraisal and new insights. Plant Ecology & Diversity. 2010, 3: 249–257.  

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  4.       Liu, J.Q., Sun, Yongshuai, Ge, X.J., Gao, L.M., Qiu, Y.X. Phylogeographic studies of plants in China: advances in the past and directions in the future. Journal of Systematics and Evolution. 2012, 50: 267–275.  

  5.       Wu, L.L., Cui, X.K., Milne, R.I., Sun, Yongshuai, Liu, J.Q. Multiple autopolyploidizations and range expansion of Allium przewalskianum (Alliaceae) in the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau. Molecular Ecology. 2010, 19: 1691–1704.  


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