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Faculty and Staff
YIN Shouhua
Assistant Director
Academic title:
Associate Professor
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XTBG, Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China

  Birth Place: Hunan Province, China Date: January 15, 1964

PhD 2002 Fudan University (Biodiversity conservation, Botany major).

Advisor: Dr. Prof. Lu Bao-Rong

MSc 1992 Kunming Inst. of Botany (Biodiversity conservation, Botany major).

Advisor: Prof. Xu Zai-Fu

BSc 1985 Yunnan Normal University (Biology major)


  He, together with his colleagues, was awarded the Third Prize of “Yunnan Scientific and Progress Award” in 1992 for “Endangered plant investigation, collection and ex-situ conservation”, and the Second Pize of “Natural Science Award of CAS” in 1999 for “Principle and methodology of endangered plant ex-situ conservation”.


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Community service:

Commitment to research the situation:
  — Development of seed dessication tolerance and plant germplasm cryopreservation research. CAS (The Chinese Academy of Sciences) Key Proj. 2002-2005

— Seed storage characteristics and viability test of endangered plant species in south tropical Yunnan. CAS KIE Proj. 2001-2004

— Seed germination ecology and storage physiology of Dipterocarpaceae species in Yunnan. CAS Bio-Tech Special Support Proj. 1998-2000.

— Genetic diversity of Cucurbitaceae traditional cultivated species and wild relatives in tropical Yunnan. US NSF support proj. 1998-2000

— Germplasm collection and preservation of crop and wild relatives in south tropical Yunnan. Yunnan Natural Science Fundation support proj. 1992-1995

— Tropical Rare and endangered plant germplasm bank establishment. CAS proj. 1992-1997